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New Customers, 

You can set up service by either swinging by our office, located at 885 N Curtis Ave., or email information to If you choose to email, please send the below information. We will call you, after receiving your information, to finish setting up service, and collect fees (all fees must be paid upfront to begin service).


Items needed to set up service:


  • Water Application, if emailing fill out link (please type information verses handwriting) New Service Application

  • 2 Forms of Identification - 1 form must be a valid driver's license, 2nd form can be anything with your first and last name.

  • Buying Disclosure if purchasing the home

  • Deposit

    • water & sewer : $75 for home owner / $125 for renter 

    • water only: $50 for home owner / $100 for renter

  • A Letter of Credit from current utility company can save you a deposit, if you are not late more than 3 times over previous 12 months.

  • $35.00 Service Fee


Please note that additional fees may apply, for initial water & sewer service, water & sewer taps, road bores, and etc. 

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