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Pea Ridge Water Utilities operate and maintain a water distribution system, and a wastewater collection system; with nearly 3,000 service connections in our water jurisdiction. Our water system consists of a 500,000 gallon hydropillar and a 500,000 gallon elevated tank for storage. These storage tanks allows us to maintain adequate water storage for peak demands, and to maintain adequate system pressures.

Our sewer collection system consists of 6 sewer pumping stations, and miles of sewer main lines ranging in size from 6” to 30” to provide a route for wastewater to travel through 902 manholes on its way to the wastewater treatment facility. Construction of the new wastewater treatment facility is expected to be completed January 2021. 

blackhawk water tower.jpg

Blackhawk Hydropillar

hwy 72 tower (2).jpg

Hwy 72 Water Tower

Sewer-plant_ (2).jpg

Wastewater Treatment

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